Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Survey Update: Possible Bad News for 70% of My Readers

Five days ago I posted a simple survey, asking my readers how they followed the posts on my blog.

70% of the current votes are going towards using an RSS reader, such as Google Reader.

While there are multiple RSS readers, Google Reader is one of the more popular ones.
According to Google Reader's statistics, over 100 people are subscribers to this blog.

As popular as it is, today Google announced it is retiring it.
As of July 1st, 2013, Google Reader will no longer exist.

I am a user of Google Reader myself, and would appreciate suggestions on other Readers to try.

Lifehacker provides some suggestions


Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

I just switched over to Feedly. It synched up well with my Google reader and everything moved over no problem. I just have to explore all the options now and get used to it. I tried Bloglines and it wouldn't sync with the zipfile I got from Google Reader. I would have had to type in all the URLs all over again, and I had too many to fool around with.

John said...

Bloglines still exists? I used that before I used Google Reader.

NewsBlur's servers are currently down. I was going to try them first. I think I will wait until this weekend for servers to adjust. Google did announce this three months in advance.

Nancy said...

Sad, sad news! For those of us (like me!) who are not so tech savvy), google changes things way too often. I hope you'll share which reader you decide to use and why you chose it over other options, please.

Anonymous said...

Probably won't help you but I use an RSS reader called Lightread which works with ubuntu linux. Maybe they have a mac or windows version.

Anonymous said...

LightRead is very similar in style to a Mac RSS reader called Reeder.

John said...

Doesn't LightRead require a GoogleReader account to work? If that's the case, once GoogleReader disappears, unless they've found a replacement, LightRead won't work.

I suspect they will choose one of the other cloud-based Readers to sync with, and help their users migrate all the accounts before the July 1 end date.

John said...

One article online I read stated that *all* offline RSS readers synced with GoogleReader. I was a little surprised by the use of the word 'all,' but if it is the case, anyone using an offline reader will have to hope their software finds someone else to sync with.

Matthew Quinn said...

LightRead can also import other feeds despite being automatically set up for Google Reader

Ken Zimmerman Jr. said...

I switched to Feedly this weekend after reading about it on It took a little getting used to but I like it as much, if not better than Google Reader. The key is finding the right view.