Friday, May 10, 2013


Several have left favorable comments about the collage on my recent Sepia Saturday post.

I originally included the collage in a 2010 post on Alternatives to Scrapbooking. I'm not fond of cutting photographs into weird shapes or finding cute backgrounds, however, I do enjoy making digital collages. A commenter in 2010 suggested that the collage is closer to the original idea of scrapbooking than what it has morphed into today.

I also made the argument back in 2010 that a blog could fit the OED defintion of a scrapbook, with a little flexibility for technology:

"A blank book in which pictures, newspaper cuttings, and the like are pasted for preservation.”

Here are a few other collages I've previously created for this blog.

1) Honoring my paternal grandmother, Belle "Sissie" (Feinstein) Newmark (1914-2002)

(clockwise around the baby picture in the center: with her older brother, Ben; with her younger brother, Seymour; with Seymour and their parents, Herman and Annie; a newspaper article announcing her engagement; a high school graduation photo; two photographs with her husband, Melvin; and the final photograph was taken in 1995 with me.) 
2) Honoring all the (deceased) female ancestors for whom I have photographs
(l to r: Myrtle Vanevery Deutsch, Margaret Denyer Vanevery, Helen Lichtman Deutsch, Bertha Cruvant Newmark, Minnie Mojsabovski Cruvant, Rose Cantkert Newmark, Annie Blatt Feinstein, Sissie Feinstein Newmark)
3) Honoring all the (deceased) male ancestors for whom I have photographs
(l to r: Melvin Newmark, Barney Newmark, Herman Feinstein, Samuel Newmark, Moshe Leyb Cruvant, Morris Blatt, Martin Deutsch, Melvin Vanevery, Samuel Deutsch, Samuel Vanevery)

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