Sunday, May 12, 2013

Myrtle Van Every Deutsch (1900-1951)

For Mother's Day I decided to honor my maternal grandmother, Myrtle Van Every Deutsch. I've written a lot about her on this blog, transcribed several letters she wrote, and shared several photographs, but not all of the ones below.

I don't know the dates for all of the photographs.

  • She was born in March of 1900, in Maxwell Texas, so the baby picture with her parents, Melvin and Margaret Denyer Van Every is fairly easy to estimate. 
  • The photograph in the upper right hand corner was taken at the Grand Canyon, likely in the early 1920s. 
  • The photograph with the horse, "Joe," was taken in the summer of 1919 - likely somewhere near El Paso, Texas.
  • She is nine years old in the center-left photo. 
  • The photograph center-right was also likely taken in the early 1920s. I think she was in Hollywood, as a caption indicated she was: looking for "the stars." 
  • In the photo in the lower-left she is on her honeymoon with my grandfather, Martin Deutsch. The year was 1937, and I believe they were in Mexico.
  • The photograph in the lower-right was taken in 1942, in St. Louis. 
  • The photograph with her sisters, Minnie and Evelyn, was taken in 1947, in Texas.

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