Sunday, May 10, 2009

72nd Carnival of Genealogy: Mothers

The topic for the 72nd Carnival of Genealogy is in honor of Mother's Day
Mother’s Day is right around the corner.
This is the perfect time to honor a Mother.
Home from a filling Mother's Day Brunch at a local dining establishment, here's a portrait of my mother drawn 35 years ago...

The artist was a mere 5 years old, though his artistic skills haven't improved much.

I am thankful for many things from my mother. One small thing for which I am thankful is she had the foresight to type dates on my early creative attempts. Of course, this decreases the artistic value, as I am sure the world is grateful that Da Vinci's mother didn't type the date on the Mona Lisa. But I am no Da Vinci, so I am thankful for the date.

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Judith Richards Shubert said...

John, I love your artistic talent and your wit! You had a very special Mother, indeed, to have recognized that one day your art would be shared with the world and need to be dated!