Monday, May 25, 2009

Amanuensis Monday: War Buddies

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

My great-uncle Mandell Newmark (1923-1945) was killed in action during WWII. In honor of Memorial Day, I thought I would transcribe the list of wartime 'buddies' from his war journal. I notice that the handwriting appears to change on the second page. It's possible he handed the book to his friends for them to enter their own information. It occurs to me that it is also possible some of the information was entered after his death.

My great uncle would have been 86 this year. If any of the below are still alive with wartime memories of my great uncle, I would be interested in hearing them.

My Buddies in the Service

Harold F Keenan - MED
5300 Broadway Terr
Oakland, II, Calif

Edward J. Maloney - MED
211 Pacific
Piemont, Calif

Danny D. Stoll - MED
3622 DeTonty
St. Louis, Mo. Gn3897

Richard A. Marshall - Roberts - MED
1816 Bolyston
Seattle, Washington

John Piper - Roberts
Route 1 - Box 371
Arlington, Calif (Riverside)

Page 2

Marlowe Phillips - Roberts
6260 Cates Ave
U City, Mo.

Lyle E. Baumgarner - Roberts
517 J St.
Nevada, Iowa

Olin F. Crow - (me drinker) Med.
123 E. Market St.
Harrisonburg, Virginia

Norman E. Fuller - Med.
Libby, Mont.

Mrogan L Gillespie - Med.
1437 Godwin
Houston, Texas

Lyle J. Bishop - MED
416 Grand Ave
West Des Moines, Iowa

Lloyd R Himds _ MED
Estelline, S. Dak

Ralph L. Taylor - MED
Whitefish, Montana

Raymond S. Ulis A.T.
3046 North Water St.
Bay City, Mich

Herman Nalmbaur - AT
East River Rd.
Grand Island, NY.

Page 3

Glenn P. Hartman - AT
Box 132
Harlan, Montana

Norman Bronstein - MED
1484 Washington Ave
Bronx, 56, New York

Milton L Larmore
909 Riverside Drive
Salisbury, Maryland

Geroge H Doney (Biak) A.T.
Box 34
Hays, Montana

Earnest Kerr "Doc" - Cook
434 13th St.
[?] Nevada

Niki Granate A.T.
18 Speedwell Place
Morristown, New Jersey

Harold T. Henry "L"
Plattsburg Missouri

John Robert McGrory "L"
56 Chauncy Street
Weymouth, Mass

Keeneth M. Dahlstrom ("L" Co)
2327 Eastwood Ave
Chicago IL

Peter J. Manna (L Co)
66 Washington Ave
Natick, Mass

Page 4

Bill Dostal (L Co)
1829 So. 57 Ave
Cicero Ill

Thomas E Brownhill
Madras, Oregon - "Co L"

LeRoy M Morse
Tribune Kansas
Co. L

George H Nance
1614 Englewood St.
Fresno, 3, Calif

Hal McCullough
Burlington, Kansas

If you choose to join me in Amanuensis Monday and post your transcriptions, feel free to add a link to your post below, or in the comments.


Lisa said...

I happened upon this page while looking for information regarding Kenny Dahlstrom, and saw that he was a buddy of your Uncle Mandell Newmark. I just wanted to let you know that Kenny Dahlstrom was KIA on April 29, 1945.

John said...

Just two weeks after Mandell.