Saturday, May 23, 2009

Genealogy Obsession Bumper Sticker

This week's "Saturday Night Fun" at Geneamusings
For this Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, please:

1) Make up a/some Bumper Sticker(s) that describes your genealogy addicti.., er, passion in 12 words or less. You could recite some of your favorite tag lines like those found here or here. Or you could be very creative and make up your own!

2) Post them to your blog or to comments on this post.

3) Extra credit if you make them look like a real bumper sticker!
With the first one, I had an extra word before I reached the 12-word maximum, so I made it a 'Twitter Bumper' by adding a hashtag.

The big question is, if I put these on my car, and someone honked, what would I do?

I think I might pull over to the side of the road, and see if they did the same...

1 comment:

footnoteMaven said...

I knew these had to be good.

A Twitter #genealogy bumper sticker is priceless.

With me I'd probably ignore the honk, people seem to be honking at me all the time. I wonder why.