Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday: Moshe Leyb Cruvant

Below is the front and back of the tombstone of my second great grandfather, Moshe Leyb (Morris Louis) Cruvant. I blogged the front two years ago. This is one of the first tombstones I photographed. Some may be able to tell that the back was photographed at a later date. (The leaves on the ground suggest a different season.)

Translation of the Hebrew on the front:
Line 1: Here is interred (You will see these letters at the top of many Jewish tombstones)
Line 2: Reb Moshe Leyb, son of (Reb doesn't mean 'Rabbi'. It's just a title of respect.)
Line 3: Ahron Kruvant.
Line 4: Died five days into
Line 5: the month of Tishrei
Line 6: in the year 5672.
Line 7: May his soul be bound in the bonds of life. (The last line is actually an abbreviation for this bible verse (Samuel I, 25:29) and you will see these letters at the bottom of many Jewish tombstones.)

This guide
at JewishGen will guide you through translating the Hebrew on a tombstone.

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