Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Genealogy Blogger Cousins

I've watched as several geneabloggers discovered they were cousins - hoping someday I and someone else would make a similar discovery.

[I've found several cousins interested in genealogy - but none of them were in the blogging community as well.]

I still haven't found a GBC, but I've come close.

Eliza Jane Van Every, a second cousin of mine, four times removed, married the first cousin, five times removed, of Sharon of Kindred Footprints.  So Sharon and I are both related to the offspring of Eliza and Rev. Frederick Haynes, but we aren't cousins to each other.

When she discovered a Van Every in her tree, she contacted me.  That's one of the benefits of blogging repeatedly on the same surname.  I was able to quickly find Eliza Jane in my copy of The Records of the Van Every Family (Mary Blackadar Piesol, 1947)

Sharon recently made a trip to Niagara, and visited Warner Cemetery (among other sites).  She took several photographs of the Van Every plot and shared them with me.  A kind RAOGK photographer had already sent me a photograph of the tombstone of my ancestor, McGregory Van Every, but Sharon sent me several other photographs for which I am thankful.

If you have interest in the Niagara area, Sharon has posted photographs from her trip here and here.


Amy Coffin said...

I'm not cousins with any bloggers (yet) either. I am a cousin of SouthwestArkie's husband. That's as close as it gets for me.

Sharondipity Designs said...

Thanks John! It is my pleasure to be your *almost* cousin. Hope you enjoyed the pics!