Saturday, May 29, 2010

I guess it's good news

St. Louis County Library to Build Genealogy Center
The St. Louis County Library Foundation plans to break ground late this year on a Family Heritage Center in Chesterfield, Mo., to house the library system’s popular genealogy research collections.
Plans call for a two-story facility of 63,000 square feet, which would allow expansion of the existing genealogy collection. The building is to include an auditorium and a family history museum.
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The planned location in Chesterfield is 13 miles from my home.  Which is pretty close.  But the current location is only 4 miles.  I'm spoiled.  Though I live in a fairly centralized location in St. Louis County.  The new location is anything but centralized, and there will be people who are more upset with the new distance than I.

I suspect the center will be amazing, which will be enough to compensate for the added distance.

I am curious which parts of the "Special Collections" section of the library will be considered part of the "genealogy collection."  I suspect all of it, but there are extensive microfilm archives of local newspapers which are useful for family history, and general historical research.

That's an issue that arises whenever there are 'specialized' libraries.

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David said...

Unless I'm mistaken, this area is ripe for future flooding. If the levee breaks, a two-story building there probably won't be worth a damn. I'd hate to see that collection wiped out because people can't stop building where they shouldn't.