Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lathrops, Scudders and Stoughtons (oh my!)

Gary Boyd Roberts (GBR), NEHGS researcher, in his article, #22 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: Notable Descendants of the Immigrant Stoughton Siblings of Massachusetts writes:

[Referring to Samuel Lathrop, 1623-1700]
Samuel’s first wife, the mother of his children, was Elizabeth Scudder, a sister of John Scudder of Barnstable, and known through the will of an English divine to be related somehow to the Scudders of Long Island. The new discoveries and immigrant kinsmen that vastly expand this clan are through Elizabeth Scudder, and the initial report of these discoveries appeared in the 75th anniversary issue of The American Genealogist (October 1997) in an article by Register editor Jane Fletcher Fiske. 
Jane Fiske discovered from Strood, Kent parish registers, the will of Reverend Henry Scudder, a marriage record of John Scudder and Elizabeth Stoughton, and other sources, some already published in TAG or in publications of the Scudder Family Association, that Elizabeth Scudder, wife of Samuel Lathrop, was the daughter of the above John Scudder and Elizabeth Stoughton, a sister of Thomas and Israel Stoughton of Dorchester, Mass.
I have traced my ancestry back to Rev. Thomas Stoughton and his wife Katherine, parents of Thomas, Israel, and Elizabeth above.

Rev. Thomas Stoughton's daughter, Elizabeth, had two husbands:
1) John Scudder
2) Robert Chamberlayne

I am descended from Elizabeth and Robert Chamberlayne

All of Samuel and Elizabeth (Scudder) Lathrop's descendants are kin to me through her mother, Elizabeth Stoughton Scudder Chamberlayne.

I have been unable to prove my Ancestry We're Related mobile app alleged connection with Samuel Lathrop's father, John Lathrop. However, for those celebrities with whom I'm alleged to share him as our common ancestor - if Samuel is their ancestor - I know I would also share the ancestor, Elizabeth Stoughton. The same distance. (Though some could argue we don't share the same husband of Elizabeth so it isn't exactly the same relationship. But I think #Cousin xRemoved stays the same.)

This could also explain why Ancestry is giving me the Lathrop connection (which I can't confirm), and not the Stoughton connection (which I can).

So far, according to Ancestry's mobile app, I am kin in this manner to Edgar Allan Poe, Carrie Underwood, George HW Bush, and his offspring. However, William Addams Reitwiesner, and GBR's Ancestry of American Presidents (2009), indicate George HW Bush's ancestor wasn't Samuel Lathrop, but his brother, Thomas. So Ancestry's mobile app is wrong, and I wouldn't be related to the Bushes unless John Lathrop were my ancestor. I am uncertain about Edgar Allan Poe or Carrie Underwood.

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