Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Embedding Google Drive Documents into your Blog or Website

 Do you have a document in Google Drive (such as a spreadsheet) you would like to embed into your blog or website?

By doing so, whenever you updated the document in Google Drive, it would automatically update on your blog/website.

Within the document, go to the File menu
Select "Publish to the web..."
  • Select "Embed"
  • If it's a spreadsheet, you'll have the option of choosing between "Entire Document" or an individual "Sheet."
  • Then click "Publish" 

You will be shown some html to copy/paste into your webpage or blog post

  • I have transferred the ahnentafel I created back in 2010 to a spreadsheet and created a new page accessible at the top of the blog.
  • I have also created a page for Notable Kin which currently consists of the table I began a week ago containing the alleged celebrities Ancestry's new mobile app has suggested.

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