Monday, February 11, 2008

First Annual Blogger Poet Roundup Submission

Terry is sponsoring the First Annual Blogger Poet Roundup. Since I enjoy both reading and writing poetry, I couldn't not participate.

He asked for six line poems about one's own blog

  • the first three lines must end in rhyming words
  • the fourth and fifth line must rhyme
  • and the sixth line must rhyme with the first three.
  • Here is the general rhyming scheme to follow: AAABBA
Originally he called it a limerick, and said limerick meter was optional.
Then he revised the post to indicate it was a sestet - like the last six lines of a sonnet.
He said nothing new about meter, so I decided to write my sestet in pentameter (five feet).
Though I'm certain there are several feet that aren't iambic.

He said I could submit three, so this is my first submission. If I compose any more, I will tack them on to this post.

TransylvanianDutch - by John Newmark

In his jammies, he finds some distant kin –
Or in the library microfilm bin
He’ll uncover where ancestors have been.
Then he’ll post what he has found on TransDutch
Along with jokes, funny names, and much much
More he hopes others find interest in.

Poem #2

Poetry my ancestors wrote
and Friday Fives add a coat
of humor. Maybe I will post a phot
ograph or two to entertain a rube
or explain how to download videos from youtube.
I don’t believe I’ve mentioned my goat.

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Terry Thornton said...

John, Here is a reader poem you may wish to consider:

TransDutch is written by Newmark
And on his comments I often remark
"John you're establishing the hallmark."
His symbol is not a yeti
but a smelly fish called ghoti ---
There's something rotten in Denmark.

by Terry

Janice said...

There's John who is possibly Dracula's kin
But his look is a bit more like John Denver's had been
Except for pajamas he likes to research in
Right now his new plaything is a look-alike meter,
That resembles a gauge on my hot water heater.
I'm off to take Transylvanian Dutch for a spin.

by Janice

John said...

Thanks Terry and Janice for such wonderful poems.