Monday, February 11, 2008

My Memoir

Yesterday on the Ficlets Blog, writers were challenged to write six-word memoirs.

Being a slightly obsessed fan of the French author, Victor Hugo, I decided to take the challenge of reducing Jean Valjean's life to six words:

Stole bread. Prison. Pursuit. Barricade. Death.
Don't worry. Despite the last word, I didn't really spoil the book for anyone. There's a lot left out of those six words.

Today, Terry Thornton of Hill Country of Monroe County challenged bloggers to write their own 6-word memoir.

This isn't a phenomenally strange coincidence. There was a recent publication of a collection of six-word memoirs.

So tonight I decided having reduced Valjean's life to six words, I needed to reduce mine. Here's what I have now:
(Good friends * loving family) + health = happiness.
(if you object to the mathematical symbols as exceeding the 6-word limit, remove the parentheses, replace the * and + with a semicolon, and the = with a period. This won't convey the different weights I have assigned to each, but it will suffice for those who are strict interpretationists for the form.)

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