Thursday, February 7, 2008

What does this mean?

I decided to run the MyHeritage software through a few more tests using a family photo of the Deutsch family. My great-grandparents and their seven children. (taken at some point in the 1920s.) The photo is perfect since most of them are directly facing the camera, which helps the face recognition software.

I'm unable to distinguish at the moment between two of the brothers since they're close enough in age and I don't have other photos to compare with. However, the oldest daughter is Jean, the youngest daughter is Berta, the oldest son is Ted, the youngest son is Allen, and I recognize my grandfather. That's five more tests I can run.

(Was the youngest son, "Allen", who was born in the US, named after "Armin", a child who died tragically in Romania, and I blogged about in October? First and last initials. I don't know for sure, but my suspicion is yes.)

Ted Ed looks 15% more like his mother. [This is what happens when one judges age by appearances. You'll note it was the fifth one I did -- I decided at the last moment that he was definitely older than the other two. I've been told I was wrong. I can't change it on the graphic below, but this note should suffice. I should have gotten identification from this source for this photo when I scanned it, but I'm glad she's reading my blog.]

And for the sons, it keeps getting worse for Samuel...

Martin looks 35% more like his mother

And if you think 35% is slightly worrisome, look at Allen's results:

I happen to agree with the results. I could almost get Allen and Helen confused. Luckily for Samuel, his daughters are a little more balanced.



My great-grandmother's genes appear to have had a tendency towards dominance.


Jasia said...

Yep, I agree with these results too! You're right about your great grandmother's genes being dominant. Good thing for all concerned that she was such a pleasant looking woman without any garish features!

Anonymous said...

Try this with your picture and your parents!