Sunday, February 24, 2008

My First ScanFest

Participated in my first ScanFest today. It was productive, and fun. I scanned 46 photos in total. The conversation among the scanners varied from lingerie to applying for SAR/DAR membership. Reminded me of my college days chatting on Relay. Things are a little different twenty years later, but not much.

Here's one photo I scanned. It's a personalized autographed photo of Chevy Chase. The picture is from his 1985 movie, Spies Like Us. The photo was obtained for me by a cousin in 1986 while I was in the hospital.

This is one of only two autographed photos I scanned today. I have a large collection of those, but most of them don't have special meaning beyond being autographed photos of mostly actors. The other I scanned was a photograph of US Representative William L Clay, for whom I interned during the Summer of 1990. He gave each of his interns an autographed photo at the end of the internship.

Unlike Chevy, he wasn't wearing a hat in his photo.

Here's another photo I scanned in - of myself. An uncle of mine was married in New Orleans, and a trip was made to a local store for everyone to buy a Mardi Gras mask - even though it wasn't Mardi Gras at the time. The photo on the left is clipped from a larger group photo, since I don't like posting photographs of living people without their permission. (Famous actors are an exception.) I wasn't surprised by it, but I could easily identify everyone in the entire family group shot - even though I couldn't see anyone's face. Clothes and body shape are sufficient if you know people well enough. But I also know that's one photo that has to be labeled, or it will be completely useless to future generations.


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

46! I have to chat less and scan more - but I had fun and some scanning did get done.

Jasia said...

I'm glad you joined us at Scanfest John! We never know what we'll talk about but the conversations are always lively.

I get more scanning done sometimes than others. I was satisfied with what I got done today. I could have gotten more done if I wasn't chatting but it wouldn't have been nearly as entertaining.

The picture of you in the mask is quite a conversation piece. Must have been an interesting wedding!

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Cool photo of Chevy Chase! I love that movie!

BTW, I think 46 puts you in 2nd place.

Miriam Robbins said...

John, it was great having you! Chevy Chase is one of my favorite comedic actors. I love the mask, BTW! Thanks for getting the word out about Scanfest.