Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Happy Valentine

The past few days I've been going through my own photo albums removing photographs I wish to scan. This morning, February 14th, before work I turned a page and found this photo I decided I had to share.

1) It illustrates that back in 1995, when I first began growing my beard, I actually started off going for the 'Honest Abe' look. I finally caved into pressure, and laughter, and grew a mustache. Lincoln's Birthday, of course, was Feb 12th, 199 years ago. I had both friends and family tell me the style was 'a little out-of-date.'

2) Seeing this photograph of my grandmother, Sissie (Feinstein) Newmark, and me -- on the morning of Valentine's Day - makes me question the randomness of events.

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