Monday, September 14, 2009

How Patrick Swayze and I are Seventh Cousins

Actor, Patrick Swayze died today, September 14, 2009, at age 57. [source] This didn't come as a surprise, as the world has known he was struggling with Cancer since March of 2008. Still, many had hoped he would find a way to evade the disease.

Two years ago, I confirmed the Swayzes in my family tree intersected with his ancestry.

Below, using the ahnentafel numbering format, is our relationship:

1 Patrick Wayne Swayze

2 Jesse Wayne Swayze
3 Patsy Yvonne Helen Karnes

4 Jesse Elijah Swayze
5 Mamie Bell Johnson

8 James Wesley Swayze
9 Sarah Elizabeth McDonald

16 Alexander P. Swayze
17 Amanda M. F. Littleton

32 James Swayze
33 Elizabeth Starke

64 Samuel Swayze Jr.
65 Elizabeth Putnam

128 Rev. Samuel Swayze
129 Hannah Horton

256 Judge Samuel Swayze
257 Penelope Horton

1 Me

2 Dad
3 Mom

6 Martin Joel Deutsch
7 Myrtle Van Every

14 Melvin Van Every
15 Mary Jane Denyer

28 Samuel Van Every
29 Abigail Stuart

58 Elihu Stuart
59 Johanna Swayze

118 Israel Swayze
119 Abigail Coleman

236 Israel Swayze
237 Mary Pitney

472 Judge Samuel Swayze
473 Penelope Horton
Judge Samuel Swayze's record at

[You should be able to trace backwards Patrick's lineage from there, and mine to Abigail Stuart.]

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