Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Unidentified Family phOto

Unidentified Deutsch or Lichtmann Ancestors (Transylvania)


catsynth said...

What an interesting photo from the past.
Has anyone tried to identify the subjects?

John said...

Received in packet from a cousin about a week ago - no identification on the back, and cousin was oblivious to identities.

We're sending the unknown photos to other cousins with the possibility that someone may be able to identify.

Some of the unknowns had Hungarian writing on the back, which one cousin in Israel can read -- but I don't believe this one did.

Dawn said...

I love how proud the man looks. Hopefully you will someday be able to identify who they are.

Patricia said...

I have some of these sorts of photos two.

I love that the old man looks like he'd have a twinkle in the eye. ;)

MidwestMom said...

How cool. Hope you find out.. Best of luck

Healthy New Diet said...

Hope you find them both and get to the bottom of this mystery.