Friday, September 25, 2009

Poetry: Lost Generation by Jonathan Reed

Note: I've decided to be a little more diverse in my selections for Poetry Friday, and I am no longer restricting myself to genealogy-related poems. Instead, I would like to share poems that move me, or inspire me.

Below is "Lost Generation", a video poem created by Jonathan Reed for an AARP challenge to youth/college students in 2008 to imagine themselves at 50. The video came in second place, but it became somewhat of a sensation, and currently has been viewed over 6.5 million times. Which is impressive since the video consists solely of scrolling words on a black screen with corresponding audio. (Give it at least 55 seconds before you decide to stop listening.)


Diana Ritchie said...

That is incredible! I hadn't seen that - and just had to share it will about everyone I know. Thanks for posting it -

Peter said...

I think he might have stole this...?

John said...

Peter --

He may have certainly been inspired by that ad. However, I do believe the concept dates further back.

One doesn't 'steal' a form of poetry. If you write a sonnet, you're not stealing the sonnet from Shakespeare.

Jonathan Reed wrote a completely different poem from the advertisement you link to.