Friday, April 23, 2010

Google Transliteration

Back in December Google released Google Transliteration, making it easy to convert Roman alphabet languages to 17 other language character sets.  I commented that Hebrew wasn't one of the 17, and I theorized it might somewhat appropriately be the 18th.  (18 having mystical significance).

Today Google announced the addition of five more character sets, and Hebrew is one of them.  We'll just say that it was the 18th.

Here's my surname in Hebrew, Arabic, and Greek characters

It's not perfect.  When I type in my great grandmother's surname, "Cruvant," and ask for Hebrew characters, I am given


Which would actually be equivalent to Sruvant, but there's no way for me to expect a computer to know I meant a hard-C.  When I enter 'Kruvant', I get the Hebrew spelling I've seen on gravestones and elsewhere:


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