Friday, April 16, 2010

Three Years Ago Today

A friend of mine got me interested in researching my genealogy online. My family has actually already been pretty good about this, asking elder members about what they know while they’re still around to tell us. So as many census forms, ship passenger lists, and military records I have found, it hasn’t extended the chart another generation yet. But as my mother told me recently, it’s nice to have the documentation confirming what we thought.
It is with these words on April 16th, 2007 that I began actively blogging about genealogy. The referenced friend had seen my March 15th, 2007 post about my great-grandfather Barney Newmark.  The friend looked Barney up in an online census and emailed me a link to the page.  It's been a heckuva ride since.  One that involved me creating this separate space for genealogy.  I'm the only genealogy blogger I know who moved from a blog on his own personal domain to Blogspot.  It's usually the other way around.  When I traveled here, I did move two older posts with me.  A 100th birthday tribute to my maternal grandfather, Martin Deutsch, and on October 11, 2002 I "blogged Kaddish" for my paternal grandmother, "Sissie" Feinstein Newmark.


my Heritage Happens said...

Happy Blogiversary John! You did do things kind of backwards huh? I love it! I would be curious to know why it came about that way. I have been known to do things backwards most of my life, so I understand the final outcome!

John said...

Not sure it is the final outcome. I'm always open to change.

I think I went to blogspot, instead of creating a second blog on my personal domain, since so many of the 'leading' geneabloggers at the time were there. I had used it for a now defunct blog, so I was familiar with it.

I had a desire to keep my political and religious views, which I blogged about a lot at the time, separate from my genealogy posts, so as not to distract a possible readership.

Nancy said...

Happy Blogiversary! I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

Sheri Fenley said...