Thursday, April 15, 2010

Poetry: A Common Genealogical Mistake

April is National Poetry Month, and as such, as someone who considers themselves a poet at times, I've been trying to write a poem-a-day.  I've been posting several of these poems at my non-Genealogy blog.  Both ReadWritePoem and Poetic Asides have been providing daily prompts, which has helped.  Today's prompt from Poetic Asides inspired the following poem.
A common genealogical mistake

My longest, verified stretches
four hundred fifty years,
eleven generations,
varied professions,

Wait, that's not what you meant by dead-line?
The prompt, in honor of April 15th, was to write a 'deadline poem.' So I did. Sorta.

The poem was written in a form I came up with four years ago.
Each of the 7 lines has a set number of syllables.
I call the form, "Jenny."  (Singular and Plural)

Those of a certain age don't need to count the syllables, you already know Jenny's number.
The video below is for everyone else.

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Nancy said...

What a fun poem! I love it.