Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pedigree Collapse

TransylvanianDutch is going to take a break from our usual focii to present you a Tabloid News Exclusive!

Here's an excellent illustration of Pedigree Collapse:

These aren't all direct ancestors. I'm descended from Rev. Samuel Swayze's brother, Israel. So Barnabas Horton and Sarah Wines only appear once in my direct lines. However, a certain actor happens to be a direct descendant...

This isn't too uncommon. The whole idea of pedigree collapse is that it is common. It's still legal in some areas for first cousins to marry, and I certainly have no malicious intent, but for additional legal protection, and for the citations I'm sure some will want, here are the Descendants of Barnabas Horton, and the Ancestry of Patrick Swayze. All the people in that graphic above can be found on those two websites. It only takes the simplest of work to combine the two. Both sites cite sources for most of the information, so if any of it is incorrect, those sites should be contacted.

This has been a TransylvanianDutch Tabloid News Exclusive

(Note: It turns out I am not the first to discover this.)

1 comment:

Bill West said...

Hey John,
I've got several instances of
pedigree collapse in my tree, the
most recent being my paternal
grandmother's parents both being
the grandchildren of Nathaniel
Barker and Huldah Hasting.

But no Patrick Swayze! *grin*