Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Five

This is another Friday Five where the names from various census databases at Ancestry actually spell out a hidden message about something that's coming up. (This case it is both upcoming, and already past, depending upon perspective.) See if you can decode it.

1920 - Civil Turner – F - age 2 – Geneva Alabama
1870 – Rights Southern – M – age 8 – Henry, Georgia
1910 – Leader Underwood – F – age 6 – Mobile, Alabama
1930 – Martin L King, Jr – M – age 1 – Fulton, Georgia (*)
1900 – Birthday Thompson – F – age 6 – Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory

Small Curiosity: According to the Texas Birth Index on Ancestry, between 1963 and 1978 there were five Martin Luther Kings born in Texas, and between 1988 and 1993 four children were born to a father with the name. I’m surprised it’s that low.

(*)Originally indexed under "Marvin L King Jr" two people have added 'alternate names' of Martin L, and Martin Luther. MLK's mother was Alberta, and he was born in Fulton in 1929, there's no question it's him, but the indexer did their job, since that job is to enter what is there, not what they think should be there. And the census taker either wrote down 'Marvin', or forgot to cross his 't'. Comparing the 't' in his mother's name, I'd say the former.

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