Monday, January 7, 2008


I think I have found a perfect example of my level of impatience. When I was a teenager family members accused me of having a type-z personality. Those stress-indicators that hospitals hand out that you press your finger on the card for 30 seconds, and it turns black if you are stressed, bright blue if you are relaxed, was always bright blue for me, even on the morning of high school exams.

About the only time I notice myself getting impatient now is when I am standing still, and want to move forward. This happens a lot in cars. I’m usually alone in a car, so my family has never heard the things I have said at these moments.

But figuratively, it can happen in family history research. I noticed over the weekend that the Missouri Death Certificate index online still only goes up to 1956. I was expecting 1957 to be added. It is only January, though, and there are still several years in their index, which are not scanned in, so I figure they’re focusing on that.

I also emailed the VR dept of the Cook County govt this weekend asked them about the Chicago Vital Records. You may recall in September there were announcements in newspapers they would be online in January. I’ve learned that there have been some setbacks, and they now estimate July. I guess I can wait. (What choice do I have? Drive five hours to Chicago and spend a day researching there? Yes, that is my option, and I would rather wait until July.)

Is it July yet?

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