Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Time Machine

Earlier this month there was a meme going around about where our ancestors were in 1908.

Donna, at What's Past is Prologue asks the obvious next question:

where were our ancestors in 1808?

I know less details about 1808. On my father's side, I know I had Cruvant ancestors in Cekiske, Lithuania, and Blatt ancestors in Losice, Poland. I know names and dates for some of them, but nothing more. My guess is that the Newmarks were in Poland or Russia, as were my other paternal ancestors, but I'm not certain exactly where.

On my mother's side, the Deutsch family was most likely in the Transylvania region. The earliest birthdate I have in that line is 1861, for my great grandfather, Samuel Deutsch, but I believe I know his grandfather's name, and that probably gets me close to 1808.

My Loyalist ancestors, the Van Everys, were still in Ontario, Canada, where they had fled after the Revolutionary War didn't go the way they had bet upon. Andrew Van Every was born in 1798 in Ontario, and he died there in 1873. His son, Samuel, is the same Samuel Van Every I once blogged about, who had 22 children. Samuel was born in Ontario in 1820, and he's the one who moved the family South, stopping for several years in Michigan, but heading further south until he couldn't go much further - in Texas.

Johanna Swayze and Elihu Stuart, parents of Abigail Stuart, Samuel Van Every's second wife, were also in Canada in 1808.

William Denyer was probably still in Hampshire, England. It's not certain when he immigrated. However he was born in 1794, so he would only have been 14, and there is no evidence he came as a child. However, he was in the US by 1821, when he married. His wife, Elizabeth Sliver, was a ten year old in Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 1808. Her great-grandfather, Henry Rosenberger, would be alive for one more year.

I'm going to pre-empt the next questions, and take this as far as I can now:

Where were my ancestors in 1708?

I'm going to guess my Cruvant ancestors at this point are in Kruvandai, Lithuania. It is thought that that is where their surname comes from.

Here's a picture of current day Kruvandai:

(found on photogalaxy, which allows personal usage in exchange for a link.)

I have no clue about any other paternal ancestors. On my mother's side I have more information.

Judge Samuel Swayze is on Long Island, NY, and his soon-to-be wife, Penelope Horton may still be in Cutchogue, NY, or perhaps Long Island, where they will raise a family.

Martin Van Iveren, born in 1685 in Kingston, NY, is probably still there. His son, McGregor Van Every, would be born in 1723 in Orange, NY.

Where were my ancestors in 1608?

Myndert Fredericksen was born in Everinghe, Holland in 1636, the son of Frederick Van Iveren. So it's a good guess Frederick, or Frederick's parents were in Everinghe in 1608.

John Swasey, born in 1600, was still in England, probably Suffolk where his son, John, would be born in 1619. Both would immigrate to Long Island.

Barnabas Horton, born in 1600, was also still in England, probably Mowsley.

Where were my ancestors in 1508?

Ancestry's OneWorldTree can give me some answers, but I have no reason to believe, or not to believe them. So we'll stop here.

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