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1913 Deutsch Family Manifest - SS Rhein

Here's details from the Passenger Manifest I mentioned in my Amanuensis Monday post earlier today. (Found at

Page One

Page Two

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The names on the far left are very difficult to read. However, there is enough detail otherwise to identify this as the correct passenger manifest without any doubt.

In the middle of the first page you can clearly read Varalmas, Hungary as their town of origin, and 'Hebrew' as their nationality. But the clincher is the 'nearest relative' in country of origin, as they listed "father in law" and "grandfather" Israel Lichtmann in Margitta, Hungary. If I didn't know what to expect to see there, I probably wouldn't be able to read it, but it is clear. On the far right it lists Chicago, Illinois as their destination.

The names are supposed to be (from oldest to youngest) Salomon, Jean, Ted, Ed, Martin, Maurice, and Berta. However, those are the English names of the children, which would have varied from their Hungarian names. I know my great grandfather went by both Salomon and Samuel at different times. The manifest says he was 45 years old, but he was likely closer to 52. He may have lied out of fear they wouldn't let him in the US if he was too old to earn a living.

A few columns to the right of their ages we see whether or not they could read or write. In the rows for Salomon, Jean, Ted, and Ed it says yes for both. This is the US Passenger Manifest implying they all could read and write English. I'm not certain this is accurate. Though I believe the father could read and write Romanian, Hungarian, Yiddish, and German - at least to some degree. The three elder children, ranging in age from 14 to 9, would have had varying skills.

On page two we learn (on the far left) that the 'wife' and 'mother' paid for their passage. Which isn't a surprise, as I knew my great grandmother came over to America a year earlier specifically to raise the money for the rest of the family's passage.

The column for friend/relative they are joining is another instance where if I didn't know what it was supposed to say, I wouldn't be able to read it. It says "Helen Deutsch" and I believe it says "435 (or 1135) Christiana Avenue." If it weren't for the section of the audio tape which I posted this morning, I would have no idea what the street is, but I believe this does confirm Ted's recollection.

Finally, I learn my great grandfather was 5 foot 4 inches, black hair, brown eyes. Jean was 4 foot 8 inches, and Ted was 4 foot even. It doesn't indicate the height for any of the other children.

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