Friday, October 30, 2009

The Dead are Rising From the Grave in St. Louis!

It seems fitting that this is announced a couple days before Halloween.

But when a business closes its doors, and the doors remain closed for 23 years, you pretty much assume it's dead.

There are those who will likely argue that if a business opens under the name of a business that died 23 years before, it's not really the same business, and they can't really claim "134 years of Public Service" or whatever the number of years of public service the former business claimed. Even if they hire some of the same employees.

Their Press Release follows.

October 29, 2009

St. Louis Globe-Democrat
returning to St. Louis

ST. LOUIS – Twenty-three years ago today the St. Louis Globe-Democrat published its last print edition. On Tuesday, December 8, 2009 the St. Louis Globe-Democrat will again serve the metro area as an online newspaper via our website

Dan Rositano, publisher of the Globe-Democrat, announced today that the site will focus on providing the best user experience in St. Louis, utilizing the latest technology and news distribution methods.

“We are excited to combine today’s online technology with the storied tradition of the Globe-Democrat,” Rositano said. “We are proud to continue the history of the Globe-Democrat in the new digital world.”

The website will be a free service, and readers can register their e-mail addresses on the site beginning today, Rositano said, to receive more details about the technology and people that will make the site unique in St. Louis. Readers will also be able to sign up to receive breaking news, sports and topical alerts through email, smart phone or on their mobile phone.

“We are putting together a quality staff whose names will be familiar to former Globe-Democrat readers and all St. Louisians,” Rositano said. “Our columnists will be among the most-read voices in both St. Louis and the world today, covering news, sports, politics and all issues of the day.”

The St. Louis Globe-Democrat was first published on July 1, 1852 as the Missouri Democrat and in 1875 merged with the St. Louis Globe to become the Globe-Democrat. The newspaper’s last print edition was published on Oct. 29, 1986.

“For more than 134 years, St. Louisians received their news from the great writers at the Globe-Democrat,” Rositano said. “We are going to build on their legacy and combine great reporting and writing with the cutting edge of technology, giving readers today’s news and sports on multiple media platforms.”

(For more information, please call Dan Rositano at 314-487-3569)
Whether it is the return of a 134 year old newspaper that disappeared 23 years ago, or a brand new newspaper, it still could provide another news source for St. Louisans. The quality of that news source remains to be seen.

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