Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weekly Picks

Note: 10/12 - I added a few news stories I had bookmarked but forgotten to include

The Digital Librarian's list of Genealogy Resources.
(hat/tip Genealogy's Star)

FamHist has an entry on Watching Over My Shoulder. The feeling we sometimes may feel that someone (an ancestor perhaps) has been watching over our shoulder as we conduct our research, encouraging us, and celebrating with us once we unearth their existence.

GeneaMusings writes on the process for adding information on Ancestry's 1930 Census.

GeneaBlogie writes on the new Federal requirements for bloggers regarding product endorsements. From a non-Geneablogger perspective -- Comics Worth Reading also has an entry on this topic.

GeneaBlogie also writes about "confidential marriages," which are only permitted in the state of California.

An "in case of failure" message then-General Eisenhower drafted in case of the failure of the D-Day invation. Uploaded by the National Archives to their Flickr account.

Recent News

A Torah scroll that was loaned from a St. Louis congregation 45 years ago to the State of Missouri's prison system has been returned. The Rabbi hopes to send the scroll out on another mission.

A Holocaust memorial has been unveiled in Romania (hat/tip JewishGen)

Moscow is running out of room to bury the dead

A "cyber cemetery" to preserve government documents

Famous cemeteries for touring


The Jewish Publication Society recommends five books of Jewish Humor. Some people may think I'm older than I am when I say this, but I noted with alarm the absence of author Leo Rosten from the list. I highly recommend his Joys of Yiddish, as well as his novel, The Education of H*Y*M*A*N K*A*P*L*A*N. (Originally published in the 1930s, Hyman Kaplan 'shouted' his name long before the internet - and he added asterisks!) The novel may feel somewhat dated at times, but its account of an immigrant's struggle with the English language is now classic.

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