Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When it comes to Poetry Challenges - I'm just a guy who can't say no

West in New England is hosting a Great American Local Poem Genealogy Challenge:
1. Find a poem by a local poet, famous or obscure, from the region one of
your ancestors lived in. It can be about an historical event, a legend, a
person, or even about some place (like a river) or a local animal.

2. Post the poem to your blog (remembering to cite the source where you found it.)

3. Did it inspire you to research the subject of the poem and how it relates to your

4.Submit your post's link to [West in New England] by November 22nd and I'll publish all the entries on Thanksgiving Day!
I have posted a few poems in the past that would be appropriate for this challenge:

The Mounds of Cahokia, by Micah P. Flint
Fellow Citizens by Carl Sandburg
Mother by Ida Green (a poem by a distant relative in time and space)

However, we have been given more than sufficient time, so I will find a new one.

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