Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Voting for the 40 best Genealogy Blogs

Family Tree Magazine is asking the Genealogy Community to vote on the 40 Best Genealogy Blogs.

They have completed the nomination stage, and have divided the nominees into ten separate categories:

1) All-Around (News, research advice, personal family stories, photos, opinion, etc)
2) Personal/Family (A family history blog focused on one - or more- specific families)
3) Local/Regional (Blogs focused on a region's history and genealogy)
4) Cemetery (Cemetery research, gravestone photos, etc)
5) Photos/Heirlooms (Blogs focused on the preservation of photos and heirlooms)
6) Heritage (Blogs focused on genealogy as it relates to a specific ethnicity, or heritage)
7) News/Resources (Blogs focused on genealogy news and information about resources)
8) How-To (Instructional content on genealogy resources and methodology)
9) Genealogy Companies (Blogs written on behalf of genealogy companies)
10) Genetic Genealogy (Blogs focused on genetic genealogy and family health history)

I have been honored with a nomination in the All-Around category.

The category is filled with blogs I would recommend to anyone who asked me for recommendations. All of the categories on the voting ballot are filled with highly recommendable blogs. (I guess that's kind of the point, right?) So I'm just honored to be on the list.

So if you read Genealogy Blogs (and if you are reading this, you do) go vote.

You have until November 5th to vote, and you can vote more than once.

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Amy (We Tree) said...

Congratulations on the nomination!