Friday, July 4, 2008

CookCountyGenealogy Tip

Here's my first tip on using the CookCountyGenealogy website that I mention in the previous post.

When searching the marriage database you might be a little disappointed with the results at first.

(click to enlarge)

As you can see, it provides the name you searched for, and the date of marriage, but not the spouse. You don't have to order the certificate, though, if all you want is the spouse's name. The results also provide you with the "file number". And as you can see in the search box, you can search by file number and the year.

When you do that, you get both entries. So it's a two-step process to figure out who someone married.


David said...

If the City of St. Louis had a site like this and a function to search marriages like you've shown, I'd be ecstatic.

Anonymous said...

I'd be very happy with a site like this, ecstatic if they had a marriage database like Jackson County (Kansas City)

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

I'm having an oh, duh! moment wondering why I didn't figure this out for myself. Thanks for sharing!