Friday, July 4, 2008

Missouri Records Databases

Inspired by a comment in the prior post, here's a list of Vital Records and related databases/indexes I know about for the state of Missouri. If anyone knows of any others, mention them in the comments.

Missouri State Archives: Missouri Birth and Death pre-1910 (free abstracts)
Missouri State Archives: Missouri Death Certificates 1910-1957 (free images)

St. Louis Public Library: Obituary Search, St. Louis Post Dispatch Obituary Index(1880-1926,1942-1945,1992-2006) and St. Louis Argus Obituary Index (1915-1927,1942-1945) [the search link is in the process of combining the information in the two indexes] This provides date and page number, but saves a lot of time if you have access to the microfilm.

Jackson County Department of Records: Marriage Licenses
(free images - and up-to-date. Currently through July 1, 2008)

[The St. Louis Genealogical Society has a database for St. Louis Marriages from 1804-1876 for members only. This same database is also available through]

While these aren't related to Vital Records, I also consider them worth noting:

Missouri State Archives: Naturalization Records (1816-1955)
[Note: While they include "St. Louis City" in their indexed column, I think they only have the pre-1906 naturalizations, which they got from the St. Louis Genealogical Society)

St. Louis County Library: 1906-1928 Naturalizations in St. Louis (index with both Library and LDS film numbers)

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David said...

Doh! I forgot about the St. Louis marriage database at Ancestry. Yeah, that covers the early ones. Something for later, though, would be great. Now, if you find a name, license number and date in the male or female index on microfilm, you have no way of figuring out who the spouse was without going downtown to get a copy of the license.

The St. Charles County Historical Society's site has indexes to a slew of different records.

The St. Charles County Genealogical Society's site has indexes for obits that appeared in a couple of newspapers. (And while they'll probably never post the indexes online, those folks have done a lot with local church records, all of which can be purchased in book form. For whatever reason, I don't think the StL Co. Library has all of those books.)

And don't forget, the State Archives also has databases for coroner's inquests, St. Louis probates, etc.