Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Caption: "The back wall of this privy vault is the wall of the oven of the adjoining bakery."
Source: Housing Conditions in St. Louis: Report of the Housing Committee of the Civic League of St. Louis, The Civic League of St. Louis, 1908, p. 22.


Eve said...

I imagine the odors wafting in the air from the bakery weren't all tantalizing.

mary said...

I don't know that that's all that disturbing. My toilet right now backs up against the wall that my oven sits on!

John said...

Mary - Hopefully your toilet is connected to some pipes so that the waste is taken to the sewers when you flush.

That doesn't happen with outhouses.

If your toilet is actually an indoor privy, my sincere condolences, as that isn't a sanitary situation.