Sunday, July 6, 2008

Missouri Courts

All My Branches Genealogy mentions MissouriCaseNet's Your Missouri Courts, where you can search court records throughout the State of Missouri.

I found cases that went back to the 1970s, though it feels strange looking through the pages of results. There are a handful of cases I might consider notable in my research. For example, there were a few divorces, and I could write down a date.

However, I'm not interested in knowing which of my cousins had state traffic tickets, or which of my cousins was a repeat DWI offender. (More than not being interested, I'm not sure I wanted to know.) There were also personal injury suits that were filed that I don't find exciting, either. Though part of my lack of excitement probably stems from the fact they don't provide the details, just the names of the parties, the type of charges, and the outcome.

Another reason for my lack of excitement is that they are all rather recent activities. I either know these people well, or they are distant cousins.

However, there is the possibility if you have relatives in Missouri you will find out something about them in this database.

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