Saturday, August 23, 2008

GBGames Final Tally

We have reached the final day of the GeneaBloggers 2008 games, and here are my final tallies:

GB Games - Team TransylvanianDutch - FINAL

1) Competition: Go Back and Cite Your Sources

Cumulative total: 58 citations

Qualifications for "Go Back and Cite Your Sources!":
10 Citations - Bronze Medal
20 Citations - Silver Medal
30 Citations - Gold Medal
40 Citations - Diamond Medal
50 Citations - Platinum Medal

Medal: Platinum

2) Competition: Organize Your Research

Cumulative total: 20 Data Entries
Cumulative total: 84 photos or documents, 126 scanned images.

Qualifications for "Organize Your Research!":

A. Organize at least 20 hard files or ancestral items (books, fabrics, inherited items) into file folders, boxes, envelopes, containers, etc.; archival-quality where appropriate.

B. Organize at least 20 digital files into folders, label, add metadata, add descriptions, add tags, etc.

C. Organize at least 20 photos into photo albums, scrapbooks, collages, protective holders, boxes, etc.

D. Organize at least 20 digital photos into folders, label, add metadata, add descriptions, add tags, etc.

E. Create at least 20 data entries in your database, or scan 20 photos, or scan 20 documents.

F. Create a master list of your files and notify your family members of where it is stored.

Complete any one task - Bronze Medal
Complete any two tasks - Silver Medal
Complete any three tasks - Gold Medal
Complete any four tasks - Diamond Medal
Complete five or more tasks - Platinum Medal

Medal: Platinum (Task E 5 times over)

(I realize my interpretation of the guidelines may have varied from original intent.)

While it won't change my medal, there may be a few more data entries entered today. A cousin contacted my mother with a lead yesterday on several more cousins in Chicago. I only had time last night to look up the census, passenger manifest at Ellis Island (typed!) and do a search at the Cook County index. I have enough leads I am very hopeful I will find some living contacts. There will be another post.

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Moultrie Creek said...

Congratulations on your medals! I'm impressed with the extraordinary efforts put out by all the participants. A special thanks to Thomas, Miriam and Kathryn for their efforts organizing both the Genea-Bloggers group and these games. What a wonderful way to build community!