Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another Great Grandfather photographed

It was only a week ago in my Smile for the Camera carnival post, that I mentioned I only have photographs of four of my 16 great great grandparents.

Yesterday my mother showed me a fifth that had arrived in the mail from a cousin in California.

Morris Blatt (1862-1926) From Losice, Poland, he immigrated to America prior to 1893 with his two daughters, Anna and Blanche. Their mother, Belle Wyman, died in Poland, and Morris remarried here in America.

The photo comes from the collection of Blanche's youngest daughter, Belle.

Morris looks like a wealthy dandy in this picture. He wasn't. Like a few other great grandfathers, he was a tailor. And you would expect a tailor to wear well-tailored clothing. (Would anyone trust a shabbily-dressed tailor?)

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