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Randy at Geneamusings writes about his lack of cousinhood to Joe Biden.

I've been to WARGS before. (Acronym for William Addams Reitwiesner Genealogical Services) However, I didn't browse through the lineage of every politician and celebrity he's researched on the site. (That would take awhile, and I still haven't.) However, spurred by Randy's post, I searched a few more genealogies today. Trusting his research, I am ninth cousins with Senator John Kerry. (This would have been nice to know 4 years ago.)

Below is a table illustrating our shared ancestry, with ahnentafel numbers.
John Kerry's DescentMy descent
8th Great Grandparents
1578 Capt. Richard Betts
1579 Joanna Chamberlain

7th Great Grandparents
788 Capt. Joseph Sackett
789 Elizabeth Betts

6th Great Grandparents
394 Joseph Sackett
395 Hannah Alsop

5th Great Grandparents
196 Col. Jacob Blackwell
197 Frances Sackett

4th Great Grandparents
98 Joseph Blackwell
99 Mary Hazard

3rd Great Grandparents
48 Col. James Grant Forbes
49 Frances Elizabeth Blackwell

2nd Great Grandparents
24 Rev. John Murray Forbes
25 Anne Howell

Great Grandparents
12 Francis Blackwell Forbes
13 Isabel Clark

6 James Grant Forbes
7 Margaret Tyndal Winthrop

2 Richard John Kerry
3 Rosemary Isabel Forbes

1 John Forbes Kerry
8th Great Grandparents
1890 Capt. Richard Betts
1891 Joanna Chamberlain

7th Great Grandparents
944 Joseph Swazey
945 Mary Betts

6th Great Grandparents
472 Samuel Swayze
473 Penelope Horton

5th Great Grandparents
236 Israel Swayze
237 Mary Pitney

4th Great Grandparents
118 Israel Swayze
119 Abigail Coleman

3rd Great Grandparents
58 Elihu Stuart
59 Johanna Swayze

2nd Great Grandparents
28 Samuel Van Every
29 Abigail Stewart

Great Grandparents
14 Melvin Van Every
15 Mary Jane Denyer

6 Martin Deutsch
7 Myrtle Van Every

2 Dad
3 Mom

1 Me

After showing Kerry's ancestry, Reitwiesner takes selected ancestors and mentions other people descended from the same, and behold, he chooses Betts and Chamberlain. So I know I am also related to actors Thomas Edward Hulce, and William Franklin Beedle (better known as William Holden.) I already knew about Patrick Swayze. And apprently, Lincoln's Secretary of State, William Henry Seward (Responsible for the purchase of Alaska), is also a descendant.

Interestingly, Reitwiesner doesn't talk about other descendants of Kerry's ancestors:

3534 Barnabas Horton
3535 Mary Langton

I am also descended from them (as is Patrick Swayze, William Holden, and William Henry Seward) All of us are more closely related through Betts and Chamberlain. However, descended from Horton and Langton is also Anna Tuthill Symmes, the wife of William Henry Harrison, and grandmother of Benjamin Harrison. At least according to the research at

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