Saturday, August 9, 2008

GBGames Statistics: Day One

Day One of the 2008 GeneaBloggers Games is near completion. We are supposed to keep daily stats.

GB Games - Team TransylvanianDutch - August 9

Competition: Go Back and Cite Your Sources
Event: Create Proper Citations
Number of Citations Entered: 0

Competition: Organize Your Research
Event: Create data entries in your database, or scan photos, or scan documents.
Number of data entries: 0
Number of photos/documents scanned: 20, comprised of 40 separate scanned images -- several documents were multiple pages in length. Documents included the Declaration of Intents for Barney, Solomon, Myer Wolf, and Israel David Newmark. Divorce documents for Myrtle Van Every and Dale B Ridgely. Several letters to and from the siblings and parents of Myrtle Van Every. A handful of photographs.

TV Commentator: Team TransylvanianDutch's post-scan usage of the "Sharpen Edges" filter in his graphics program to darken letters written in pencil was especially impressive. He should consider a post with before and after images.

TransylvanianDutch: hmm. Not a bad idea. Tomorrow maybe? It's getting late.

TV C: Tomorrow will be fine.

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