Thursday, August 21, 2008

GBGames Statistics: Day 12-13

Day Thirteen of the 2008 GeneaBloggers Games is near completion. We are supposed to keep daily stats. This is a combination of yesterday's and todays statistics.

GB Games - Team TransylvanianDutch - August 20-21

1) Competition: Go Back and Cite Your Sources

: Create Proper Citations
Number of Citations Entered: 18

Cumulative total: 58 citations

2) Competition: Organize Your Research
Event: Create data entries in your database, or scan photos, or scan documents.
Number of data entries: 18

Cumulative total: 20 Data Entries

Two days ago, when I entered 2 data entries, I said I was unlikely to enter 18 more. Then I remembered that a year ago I found over at Rootsweb's WorldConnect the Descendancy of Henry Rosenberger. It's a transcribed version of "A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Henry Rosenberger of Franconia, Montgomery Co., Pa." by Rev. AJ Fretz, 1906 - in GEDCOM format. So I downloaded the GEDCOM and transferred the data for my direct ancestors over to my primary database, and left everything else be. Unsure about the validity of Fretz's research, or the accuracy of the transcription, I decided not to add everything to my database.

Recently I found the book in my local library and photocopied the most relevant pages. Having removed the possibility of transcription errors, I decided last night to add a couple generations of collateral relatives. There ended up being 18 of them, and of course I cited the source.

Number of photos/documents scanned: 24 documents, and 24 scanned images

Tonight I scanned 20 columns I wrote for a college newspaper in 1987 and 1988. I figure I can count this under the assumption somebody in my family in some future generation might enjoy reading them. While my parents did save them for posterity, I chose not to scan in the letters to the editor from irate readers critiquing my columns. Though rereading my columns, I agree with several of the comments.

I also scanned in 3 marriage licenses and 1 marriage license application.

Cumulative total: 84 photos or documents, 126 scanned images.

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