Monday, August 18, 2008

GBGames Statistics: Day Ten

Day Ten of the 2008 GeneaBloggers Games is near completion. We are supposed to keep daily stats. And we have not been doing so, however, the past few days would have been null statistics.

GB Games - Team TransylvanianDutch - August 18

Competition: Go Back and Cite Your Sources
Event: Create Proper Citations
Number of Citations Entered: 20

Cumulative total: 40 citations

I've earned a diamond medal, and I'm only 10 citations away from a platinum.

Competition: Organize Your Research
Event: Create data entries in your database, or scan photos, or scan documents.
Number of data entries: 2

In redoing the research on Ancestry for my citations, I found the names of in-laws of a cousin, so I created two data entries for them. I don't see myself entering 18 more data entries, but I thought I would record the number.

Number of photos/documents scanned: 0

Cumulative total: 60 photos or documents, 102 scanned images.

I feel I have already earned a platinum here, with over 100 scanned images. However, it is my goal to scan 100 separate photos/documents, because I think I can accomplish this. The difference exists since several of the documents have been letters of varying length, and I'm not counting each page as a separate document even though I can only scan in one page at a time.

Above is Schrödinger. He arrived tonight to help me reach my goals. He's five years old, in a state of constant quantum flux, and in need of a temporary home for a couple weeks.

For those who have no idea why a cat would be named Schrödinger, Wikipedia should help. Those who understand, rest assured, I will not test out Erwin Schrödinger's thought experiment.

I suspect the odds that a cat will be named Schrödinger are directly proportional to the number of cat owners who are science geeks.

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