Wednesday, August 13, 2008

GBGames Statistics: Day Five

Day Five of the 2008 GeneaBloggers Games is near completion. We are supposed to keep daily stats.

GB Games - Team TransylvanianDutch - August 13

Competition: Go Back and Cite Your Sources
Event: Create Proper Citations
Number of Citations Entered: 0

Cumulative total: 20 citations

Competition: Organize Your Research
Event: Create data entries in your database, or scan photos, or scan documents.
Number of data entries: 0
Number of photos/documents scanned: 20 photos or documents, comprising 30 scanned images

Cumulative total: 60 photos or documents, 102 scanned images.

I have finished scanning in the letters I have so far found written by my great-grandfather, Melvin Van Every and his second wife, Josie, to my grandmother Myrtle between 1925-1927. Including the ones I scanned back in March there are 45.

There are 37, or an average of 3 letters a month, for 1926. However, in October of 1926 Melvin was diagnosed with a brain clot. He didn't die until May of 1929, but he didn't write any letters after that. Josie only wrote a handful of letters. Most of the missing weeks for 1926 were in the final three months. My grandmother lived away from home after 1920 - so I don't know why there are so few letters (7) in 1925, and none before that. But I am very grateful for what there is.

I know from Melvin's letters that Myrtle also wrote a weekly letter to him. I don't have any of those, but there are glimpses of what she wrote in his responses.

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