Thursday, August 21, 2008

Unusual Obituaries

One of the non-genealogy newsfeeds I subscribe to is's Urban Legends. So whenever they analyze the claims of a new chain email, I receive it immediately. Of course, the most enjoyable posts are often the ones they announce are true.

As Randy at Geneamusings mentions, the unflattering obituary for Dolores Aguilar is real. Apparently her children weren't very fond of her, and at least one of them was unafraid to say so to the world. I think most of us hope that this isn't the impression we leave on our family. When I read or hear stories like this I realize how lucky I am to belong to the family I do.

Coincidentally, it's the five year anniversary of another obituary that got passed around a lot in emails. An obituary that said memorial gifts should be made to any organization that seeks the removal of President George Bush from office. Alas, there must not have been enough donations.

Also nearly five years ago, in November of 2003, the New York Times found itself issuing a very strange correction

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Terry Thornton said...

JOHN, Thanks for this article. I followed all you links for a most interesting reading --- and ended up at Randy Seaver's where I commented about his important question about the wisdom of printing such an unflattering obituary. A published obituary should neither confer sainthood upon the wicked nor should an obit demonize the wicked in such a public manner.

Terry Thornton