Sunday, August 10, 2008

GBGames Statistics: Day Two

Day Two of the 2008 GeneaBloggers Games is near completion. We are supposed to keep daily stats.

GB Games - Team TransylvanianDutch - August 10

Competition: Go Back and Cite Your Sources
Event: Create Proper Citations
Number of Citations Entered: 20

At 10 citations per medal, I have already earned a Silver!

[I am assuming that the source information provides with its databases qualify as 'proper citations'. 11 months ago I discovered the wonderful lack of genealogical privacy in the state of Texas, as I traced third, fourth, and fifth cousins. I wasn't very good at writing down the source, but I know where 90% of the birth, marriage and death information for my distant Texas cousins comes from.

Today I re-did the searches to verify the information is there, and matches what I wrote down. I then copied and pasted the Ancestry citation, as I should have done last September.)

Competition: Organize Your Research
Event: Create data entries in your database, or scan photos, or scan documents.
Number of data entries: 0
Number of photos/documents scanned: 20, comprised of 32 separate scanned images.

Cumulative total: 40 documents, 72 scanned images.

82 year old Honey Locust bloom

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